Cities and Environs

If you decide to leave the beach for some relaxing evening or a whole day dipped in the natural and architectural beauties, you can visit the outskirts of Chioggia. In a hour you can reach Padua by car and visit Prato della Valle where rises the sanctuary of Sant’Antonio, the Riviera Tito Livio and Riviera dei Ponti Romani and reach Piazza delle Erbe, Piazza della Frutta and Piazza dei Signori. Here you may visit the clock, Palazzo della Ragione, Palazzo Liviano, il Bo, one of the most ancient university of Italy. In half an hour you arrive at the Riviera del Brenta and see the unforgettable Venetian villas. With some more kilometer  you can  reach Vicenza, country of Palladio, or  Verona, heart of Romeo and Juliet. If you prefer nature, the ideal choice can be a day to the Colli Euganei to dedicate a little bit of relax to the body and the mind in the thermal centers. Don’t miss the food and wine itineraries and naturalistic excursions, a trip in the Delta of the Po, where you can practise alternative sport outside and also the bird watching to admire exemplary of very rare birds.


Starting from the imbarcadero in piazzetta Vigo of Chioggia you can arrive in Pellestrina in order to proceed then for Venice and in the other localities of the shoreline. The first stop is the island of Ca’ Roman. The thin earth strip has been recognized protect natural oasis in the 89, thanks to the important exemplary of flora and fauna, It is an area of national importance for the presence of the last coastal dune examples. Pellestrina is situated  in a earth strip more than 10 km long,  it divides the lagoon of Venice from the Adriatic sea. This locality has conserved the own colors of the houses of the Mediterranean: intense colors that allow to distinguish immediately the houses for who arrive from the sea or the lagoon. The women of the island still work with the ancient system “to tombolo” producing embroiderys of unsurpassable beauty. The Murazzo protects Pellestrina from the sea. On the top of the murazzo you can have an unforgettable view: the wonderful Adriatic sea. When the visibility is good is quite possible to see the coast of the Istria.


Isola Verde rises between the mouth of the rivers Brenta and Adige, bathed from the Adriatic sea. The sandy shore extends for approximately 3 kilometers, scattered of camping and small beaches near Hotels and Residences of the zone. There it rises “Isamar”,a big touristic village which can accommodate 4.500-5.000 persons in the periods of maximum affluence. There is the Estate “Santa Grazia”, a horse-riding centre and the Cabaña, a discoteque with small restaurant. In winter the locality appears half-deserted, but on summer arrive several tourists.

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